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Proposed price cap on Russian oil will benefit less well-to-do nations: US official

SINGAPORE – Low- and middle-income countries will be the primary beneficiaries of a proposed price cap on Russia’s oil trade, said Ms Catherine Wolfram, deputy assistant secretary for climate and energy economics at the United States Treasury. The top US official, who is in town for the Asia-Pacific Petroleum Conference, added that the objective of […]

Building digital HQs: 3 big ideas from tech giant Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference

SAN FRANCISCO – The disruptions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted how vital it is for companies to develop a digital headquarters so that staff can work together better online. These virtual centres would include systems that support spontaneous interactions and easy sharing of information, although in-person collaboration would remain an important part […]

With latest rate hike, US Fed signals willingness to accept recession to crush inflation

HOUSTON – Federal Reserve officials gave their clearest signal yet that they’re willing to tolerate a recession as the necessary trade-off for regaining control of inflation. Policy makers, criticised for being too late to realize the scale of the US inflation problem, are moving aggressively to catch up. They raised interest rates by 75 basis […]

Savvy professional didn’t plan ahead to manage his own assets, then got dementia

SINGAPORE –  You would assume that a high-income professional in the corporate sector adept at preparing complex documents for clients would apply the same diligence to his own affairs. But sadly, this was not the case for such a retiree here. The man entered a comfortable retirement around 20 years ago but failed to demonstrate much […]