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ST HeadSTart: How to stand out in job hunt upon graduation

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Good morning! One of the stories we’re looking at this week tackles a common question many university students have: What can they do now so they stand out in their future job hunt?

Manpower correspondent Calvin Yang, in this week’s edition of askST Jobs, outlines several tips for students to take note as they plan for a career after graduation. A good starting point is to tap your university’s career support office for services such as career profiling, he says. 

Meanwhile, Singapore editor Zakir Hussain writes about the changes which the world of work has undergone in Singapore, and suggests that a possible next step could be an arrangement that sees workers devote four days to their jobs and one day a week on training and reskilling.

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Also, for those invested in digital assets or thinking of dipping their toes in crypto investing, journalist Clara Chong shares some lessons she has learnt about navigating these volatile waters, as the industry grapples with frozen withdrawals, bankruptcies and other uncertainties. One tip to protect your assets? Perhaps you can consider storing coins offline in a cold wallet, instead of leaving them in centralised exchanges.