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Putting people above profit is this audio distributor’s secret to customer satisfaction

The first thing one sees when one enters audio distributor TC Acoustic’s main office in Paya Lebar are these three words, in the form of a wall-mounted glowing sign almost 2m in length: Everyone’s Favourite Company. 

And everyone, says chief executive Christian Honegger, refers to all the stakeholders – from customers to staff to industry partners.

In the last 12 years that he has led the home-grown company, his every workplace initiative has revolved around this question: How can TC Acoustic continue to be everyone’s favourite company? 

The answer is simple. “People above profit, relationship above revenue,” he emphasises.  “At TC Acoustic, we care for people. That’s just how this ship is run.”

And caring for people starts first and foremost with its staff of 72.

For instance, all employees attend bi-weekly culture town halls in which they are encouraged to share how their colleagues have embodied care and other company core values like can-do attitude, leadership and working as a team in their everyday lives. 

Staff are given seven additional days of leave to pursue charitable causes, like volunteering at charities, churches and going for mission and humanitarian trips.

In spite of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising inflation, the company has continued to raise salaries and bonuses. “Everyone’s gone through a very stressful time together, the keyword being together,” shares Mr Honegger, who adds that all employees also received a special “Stress Together” bonus.

By cultivating an environment in which caring becomes part of the everyday experience, staff are then motivated to pass this on to the customers, he says.  

The strategy is a resounding success. A spin through the almost 2,400 Google reviews on TC Acoustic’s page reveals nothing but praise for the staff.