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A united vision of a sustainable future

About 200km away from Singapore lies a slice of paradise on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, home to Southeast Asia’s largest peatland forest.

The woodland, once ravaged by logging and agricultural activities, has transformed into over 150,000ha of pristine wilderness more than twice the size of Singapore. Sparkling waterways meander through thickets of green, providing a haven for endangered animals like the Sumatran tiger and sun bear.

The vast tract of land is part of the Riau Ecosystem Restoration (RER) initiative, a project started by the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) Group. It has restored and conserved swathes of ecologically valuable Indonesian forests since 2013.

More than just being a precious home for wildlife, the RER today is also crucial for a healthy climate – vast reservoirs of carbon captured from the atmosphere are absorbed by the trees and ground. The area is also a symbol of the company’s sustainability efforts.